1Q) I have not got any money to buy the kit!
A) You really need this business. Why don’t you have a party or show catalogues and samples around for me and from the commission earned you will be able to buy a kit? There is such potential for you then.
2Q) I am really busy and haven’t got the time!
A) There are 24 hours in a day, it’s about putting aside some time each day that will help you to get out of the situation you are in. I cut out some TV initially to make time and now I’m seeing great results.
3Q) I don’t like selling!
A) Most people don’t. With SENATE PERFUMES you can use the products yourself. Then just recommend them to family and friends like you would a good restaurant or a film.
4Q) I don’t think I can do this!
A) It’s free to register. Why don’t you try some of the products for yourself? Once you believe in the products the recommending comes naturally. Then you will be able to share this opportunity with others.
5Q) I have never heard of SENATE PERFUMES!
A) That is because we don’t spend money on expensive advertising, instead we use the word of mouth recommendation. You know satisfied people recommending the products. It is a fast growing international company in over 50 countries worldwide.
6Q) Why are SENATE perfumes not stocked at the high street stores?
A) SENATE PERFUMES decided the best way to move its products is through Network Marketing. If they chose to go through the high street chains there would be costly advertising, celebrity endorsements to pay for and expensive demonstration counters. We believe in supplying high quality products at very affordable prices.
7Q) I don’t think this is for me!
A) If the business side is not for you, how about just being a Registered Customer? You can place orders and have your shopping delivered to your door at the wholesale price. The products are fantastic!
8Q) I cannot make a decision now until I have spoken to my husband / wife first.
A) I can arrange a time to show the business plan to you both together.
9Q) It sounds like a pyramid scheme!
A) A pyramid is illegal. It is where people used to buy large stock and then sell it on at higher price to the next person. It meant the person who bought the stock first always made more money than the person who was the last to buy the stock. But with SENATE PERFUMES there is no need to buy lots of stock. We all pay the same cost prices.
10Q) I haven’t got time to go round and see everyone.
A) You can get a replica website. There are many tools and websites to help train people from the comfort of your own home. There is so much technology available with SENATE PERFUMES. There are webinars, downloads of presentations and full upline support team.
11Q) Some of the SENATE PERFUMES remind me of other brands, why is this?
A) All fragrances fall into the same family groups, you can’t copyright a type of smell, and with 44 unique SENATE PERFUMES some other brands may well produce fragrances that smell like our ones.
12Q) Is there alcohol in the perfume?
A) Yes, most fragrances people buy have alcohol in. The alcohol in SENATE PERFUMES has been denatured, so it cannot be drunk internally. In other words if you tried to drink it you would be sick.
13Q) I get allergic reactions to some perfumes!
A) Because we care about our customers and because of more and more allergic reactions to many chemical substances, we recommen